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Questions regarding expense offset fees or other deductions please refer to the
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 Nordstrom Recommits to Compliance Requirements


Nordstrom remains committed to our Closer to You Strategy to serve our customers when and where they want with the best products. To do so, we are focused on getting your products in front of our customers as quickly as possible and improving our speed from supplier to shelf. As part of this, we are recommitting to our shipment compliance requirements.


Nordstrom requires all suppliers to ship in alignment with retail industry standards. Today, we often provide exemptions for products that fail to meet our shipment guidelines, as set forth in prior communications, increasing processing time and impacting the speed with which we can get product in front of our customers. Going forward:

  • Nordstrom will stop granting exemptions as of August 1, 2022
  • Non-compliant shipments received on or after this date will incur our published offset fees


To view the letter from our executives click here. Click here to view FAQs



Packaging & Labeling weight limit across all Nordstrom Divisions to 50lbs (kilos) per carton


Reserve Stock: (RS PO Type) requires ALL items to be shipped flat, without hangers (with the exception of men's suiting, sport coats and wool & cashmere coats) and be individually polybagged with the retail ticket facing up.





Effective MAY 16, 2022 the WCOC is expanding to become an Omnichannel Fulfillment Center.


WHAT IS CHANGING: Store 584 will change its primary DC location from 399 to 935.

WHAT SUPPLIERS NEED TO DO: Please work with your EDI team & EDI Provider to update mapping for store 584  from DC 399 to the new primary DC location of 935.  For additional information on the changes and their impact for suppliers click

PO Status WITH
Shipping Activity
Shipping Activity
5/16/22 & Later
Supplier Action NO ACTION
Existing POs shoud ship to existing default DC 399
Update Ship-to location from
DC 399 to DC 935





Effective February 21, 2022 the MWFC is expanding to become an Omnichannel Fulfillment Center.


WHAT IS CHANGING: MWFC 808 (sales & inv loc) will become MWFC 599 Omnichannel (inv loc only). 808 will no longer have inv but will remain the selling location.

WHAT SUPPLIERS NEED TO DO: Please work with your EDI team & EDI Provider to update mapping from location 808 to 599.  For additional information on the changes and their impact for suppliers click




As of August 2021, Nordstrom requires supplier to ship, for most product types, with RFID tags.  See the left sidebar under Supplier Standards for our RFID Specifications or click here.  For updated RFID ticket dimensions, click here




As a compliment to the Supplier Resources & Contacts we are pleased to provide this downloadable Deduction Document Code & Contacts lookup tool. This tool better enables suppliers to find the correct support team for chargebacks & expense offset fees.  Suppliers simply enter the AP Code from their check remit or from the AP Portal - Vendor Inquiry and the contact and information needed when inquiring are provided.


To download the tool, which includes a 'How to' page see the Reference Materials section on the left sidebar of this site or click here.




Weekly 15 Package Shipping Limit Per Destination

Special Notes for UPS shipments on Nordstrom Third Party Account:

  • DO NOT ship more than 15 cartons per BOL destination (per Nordstrom DC/FC destination) per calendar week
  • If you have more than 15 carton per calendar week per Nordstrom DC/FC destination, contact traffic@nordstrom.com

Special Note for UPS Small Package shipments:

For UPS shipments on Nordstrom Third Party Account:

California State: For SURFACE shipments, Combine the weight of all cartons for all POs shipping to all DCs on the same day.



SHIPMENTS TO NEJ: If you have Nordstrom purchase orders (PO Type: TP, RACK THIRD PARTY LOGISTICS or TL, RACK THIRD PARTY LOGISTICS) to ship to NEJ (Beacon Falls, CT), contact Nordstrom at nord3pl@nordstrom.com to receive routing instructions.


When contacting Nordstrom at the email above, attach the Nordstrom 3PL Request Form (filled out).



  • This is an EXCEPTION routing process
  • Pick Up must be scheduled at least 72 hours prior to start ship

  • Use Date expected to leave supplier warehouse as start ship date

  • Do not ship directly to Nordstrom DC locations

  • Do not ship directly to the Consolidators (CTE, NorCon, Gilbert)


    Primary Default Warehouse Changes: The following stores have changed from DC 299 to DC 799 (effective June 02, 2021)and from DC 399 to DC 499 (effective May 4, 2021). 

    please ensure you work with your EDI Team and EDI Provider to have all store numbers mapped correctly to their primary warehouse.  You can find all store information here or on the left sidebar under Additional Information. 
    Review updated Routing Guide here.

    DC 799         DC 499  
    713 732 741 748   161 354
    715 733 744     164 358
    721 734 745     341 366
    730 736 746     345 384
    731 740 747     352 471



    Effective July 1st, 2021 - Expense Offsets will re-activate the Missing/Incorrect Shoebox Rubber Band and UPS Small Parcel fees for non - compliance. Suppliers, please review the latest document on Expense Offset Policies




    Attention EDI enabled suppliers: Please work with your EDI provider to ensure all mapping for PO types are followed (PO Types Document). Close out orders will now require a GE PO Type to be accepted. GE PO Type is required to be mapped for NordstromRack.com (Ecommerce) and Nordstrom Rack (Stores).


    Any questions, please email
    Floor Ready.




    In accordance with existing Supplier Compliance requirements, Nordstrom will continue to strictly apply the RTV process for product that was not ordered, overages (SKU/Store level), mis-ships (shipped to the wrong location) or shipped outside of the shipment window on the PO.


    POs must ship per the final details of your purchase order. Any changes made by Nordstrom to the order should be reflected on the PO as well as the shipment. This includes overage units and items that were not on the final order. Any additions to the order will need to be communicated to your buying partners and must be updated on the purchase order.


    Additionally, in order to ensure the maximum product market availability, please commit to the ship window on the purchase order. Orders that arrive outside of the agreed-to window will be subject to an RTV. All extension requests should continue to be communicated to the merchants in order to avoid any unintended returns. Please validate that Nordstrom is notified of your most updated return shipping address to avoid additional cost and lost time.




    To ensure you are directing chargeback inquiries to the correct department, please reference Supplier Resources and Contacts list for the correct department with the correct chargeback code. This will expedite your response from the correct team.

    Please include your vendor number & document number in the subject and/or body of the email. For attached contact list, click here.



    To minimize the potential spread of COVID-19, all third-party service providers who need to be on Nordstrom premises are expected to follow these Wellness & Safety Expectations. Third-party service providers include any non-Nordstrom employee working onsite at any of our Nordstrom locations such as vendors, temporary workers, independent contractors, models and freelancers. Please review the Wellness and Safety Standards on the left sidebar.





    UPDATED  July 1, 2022


    July 1, 2022 REVISIONS


    • Recommitments to Compliance Requirements: Nordstrom will stop granting exemptions as of August 1, 2022
    • PO Type List: Added addtional PO Types to existing document
    • Routing Guide: Updated UPS Weekly Shipping Limit - 15 package shipping Limit Per Destination
    • Routing Guide: Added Special Notes For UPS Small Package Shipments - Regarding Nordstrom Third Party accounts
    • Routing Guide: Section 8 - sub-section Store / DC Relationships (Ship to Nordstrom.com) removed Store 584 under DC 399 as it now is processed at DC 935 (WCOC)
    • STORE ADDRESS LIST: Updated addres for store 584 from DC 399 to DC 935; Corrected street address for DC 799 from Terrace to Avenue and added WCOC DC 935
    • NPG PARTNER STANDARDS: Updated Polybag Requirements by Division - added new sub-section: At Home: Bedding & Linens



    MONTHLY REVISION ARCHIVE: Nordstrom keeps 6 months of archives from the landing page announcements and revisions for suppliers to review. To access click here.


  • Questions regarding any of these changes can be sent to Nordstrom Floor Ready by emailing frm@nordstrom.com